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Moturis RV and Camping World have been renting motorhomes for over 25 years so they have the experience to ensure you have a great holiday; in fact they pledge exclusive customer service.

As always at The Motorhome Experts, we will ensure that everything you want included, will be included, so you have nothing to pay at pick up except your refundable security deposit.





Map of our pickup locations from the list below


  • EIGHT VERY EXCLUSIVE rental locations to choose from
  • Early morning pick up and transfer from a designated hotel in each rental location
  • Backed by over 85 service centres in the US, customers enjoy safe and hassle free travel
  • More than 25 Years of Rental Experience
  • Youngest fleet in the industry! No units older than 24 months and many new this season
  • Lowest overall one-way charges in the industry – and in winter, often free one-ways
  • Customers enjoy the best possible rest with SLEEP NUMBER MATTRESS
  • Exclusive benefits for customers: Free Good Sam & President’s Club 60 day membership
  • 24HOUR Roadside Assistance
  • TV/DVD in every unit
  • SLIDE-OUT vehicles give you extra space when parked

EXCLUSIVE – Pre-departure Check-In

Once your booking is confirmed and paid for, it will be possible for you to pre-check-in so that once you arrive at your rental location, it’s a swift pick up process. When you arrive, all you will need to do is provide FULL drivers licences for all those people intending to drive, check that all your pre-booked equipment is aboard and..... off you go!


The Moturis RV and Camping World pre-rental notes will be provided at the time of quotation so that you have the fullest information before you book. This information is also repeated below.... the 'small print'!


Transfer to Location

Transfer times listed are approximate due to traffic and weather conditions and are from specifically designated transfer hotels only. Moturis RV & Camping World is not responsible for refunds due to any of these conditions.

  • Vehicle Pick-up: Mo-Sa 9.00 – 10.30 and 13.00 – 15.00 hr (afternoon pick-up only Mon-Fri)
  • Overseas customers must overnight before picking-up their rental unit.
  • Early pick-up is provided between 08.00 and 10.00 hrs for customers using early hotel transfer. Exceptions are valid for San Francisco (Downtown) and Orlando (Orlando area) where pick-up is provided in the early afternoon only (Monday - Saturday).
  • For early vehicle pick-ups without hotel transfer from one of the designated hotels (e.g. customer arrives on his own at his own expense), customers have to arrive at rental location between 8.00 and 08.30 hrs and inform Moturis RV & Camping World accordingly no later than three working days prior to vehicle pick-up.
  • No hotel transfers are provided for afternoon vehicle pick-ups. Exceptions are valid for San Francisco (Downtown), Orlando (Orlando area) (Monday to Saturday)
  • No refund is made in the event of late vehicle pick-up.

Vehicle Drop-off and Airport Transfer

  • Vehicle drop-off hours are from 09.00 to 10.30 hrs – no exceptions.
  • Airport Transfer (Drop-off):
  • Airport transfer will be provided at 11.00 hrs (please note that in New York transfer will be to Newark Airport) Please do not book return flights with departures before 14.00 hrs, if your customers want to take advantage of the free drop-off transfer to the airport.
  • Late vehicle drop-off - Late vehicle drop-off surcharges are USD 30.00 per hour. No airport transfers are provided in the event of a late vehicle drop-off. No refunds are made for early returns or unused portion of rentals.

Designated Transfer Hotels and Airports

The Motorhome Experts will make sure to book you at a designated transfer hotel


Public Liability Insurance (included in daily rental rates)

Moturis RV & Camping World maintains liability insurance coverage on all their rental vehicles for bodily injury and property damage liability claims brought by a third party (other than a passenger) against the renter (and any other driver listed in the rental contract) and/or the company as a result of the operation or use of their rental vehicles. The policy protects the company for USD 5 million and the renter for statutory limits. This basic public liability coverage is included in all rental rates. All coverage and waivers are subject to the express terms of the rental contract.

SLI Supplemental Liability Insurance (included in daily rental rates)

Moturis RV & Camping World maintains supplemental liability insurance coverage on all their rental vehicles for bodily injury and property damage liability claims brought by a third party (other than a passenger) against the renter (and any other driver listed in the rental contract). The policy increases statutory limits to USD 1 million for the renter. This supplemental liability coverage is included in all rental rates. All coverage and waivers are subject to the express terms of the rental contract.

Customer responsibility with CDW & VIP

In the event of loss or damage to the vehicle while on rent, whether or not due to the fault of the customer, customer’s responsibility for direct and accidental loss (including theft and vandalism) or damage to the vehicle is unlimited. That is the customer is responsible for all loss or damage. However, all daily rental rates for all vehicles include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Vacation Interruption Protection (VIP). With CDW and VIP, the customers responsibility for accidental damage, theft and vandalism (police report is required) to the vehicle id reduced to US$ 100 per occurrence. With VIP included, expenses are covered in the event of a mechanical breakdown. Limits apply and the plan is not valid in case of accident. CDW and VIP are void if the customer fails to provide a police report or if the vehicle is being used in violation of the terms of the rental contract signed at pick up.


- Standard Kit (included in Preparation Fee) Water Hose Road Atlas Flash-Light & Batteries, Sewer Hose Screwdriver (upon request) First Aid Kit, Operator’s Manual, Fire Extinguisher, Vehicle Levelers, Campground Guide, 110v Adapter, 60 day President’s Club/Good Sam Club Membership, including Campground Discount Card for more then 1700 campgrounds in the US

Convenience Kit ($80 per person including tax for vehicle and personal kits – contents may vary)

PER VEHICLE: Set of Pots, Cutting Board, Dish Cloth, Frying Pan. Kitchen tissue. Waste Basket/Bucket, BBQ Grill, Serving Spoons, Clothes Hangers, Mixing Bowl, Scotch bright, 2 Tea/Kitchen Towels, Coffee Pot, Can/Bottle Opener, Mixing Utensils, Carving Knife, Dust Pan & Broom, Cork Screw
PER PERSON: Blanket or Comforter, Hand Towel, Cereal Bowl, Pillow & Pillow Case, Bath Towel, Cup & Saucer, 1 Sheet, Dinner Plate, Glass, Face Cloth, Bread Plate, Knife/Fork/Spoon, Note: All tableware (plates etc.) is non-plastic and is made of Corning/Corelle china or equivalent.

President’s Club / Good Sam Membership - A free 60 day membership for the President’s Club and Good Sam Club comes with each rental


(Prices vary according to season but The Motorhome Experts will always include this in your rental quote)

This is a mandatory one-time charge per vehicle per booking. It is applicable to all bookings without exception. The Preparation Fee covers:

  • Standard Kit per vehicle (see paragraph 4.1)
  • First tank of propane
  • First supply of toilet chemicals
  • Vehicle outside cleaning
  • Pick-up/drop-off transfers (see section 2)

There are no refunds for unused propane and toilet chemicals and there are no refunds if customers do not meet the transfer rules and did not take the advantage of transfers or if customers decide to do own transfer at their own cost.

Mountain Bike Rentals($235 per trip for 2 bikes; $360 per trip for 4 bikes) Moturis RV & Camping World offer mountain bike rentals at all our locations. They have one-size (adult) mountain bikes available. They also offer a 2-bike carrier or a 4-bike carrier with 2 or 4 mountain bikes per carrier. If customers want to bring their own bikes, carriers can be rented. The prices for carriers only are the same as for carriers with bikes. Bike rentals are also available with one-way motorhome rentals. Please note that in several U.S. states, the use of helmets is mandatory for bicycle riders. Please bring your own helmet or be prepared to buy one at somewhere like Walmart. Moturis RV & Camping World does not provide any bicycle helmets for rent so please bring your own or be prepared to buy locally. Please request rental bikes at time of booking!

GPS Rental($11 per day to max $154 - plus tax and payable at pick up) Moturis RV & Camping World offer GPS units at all our rental locations. Please pre-order these with the reservation to guarantee availability at point of pick-up!


Office hours of all Moturis RV & Camping World Rental Locations in the USA:

09.00 – 17.00 hrs / Mondays through Fridays, 09.00 – 12.00 hrs / Saturdays

U.S. Holidays (Rental depots are closed or offer limited opening hours): May 26, 2014 / July 4, 2014 / September 1, 2014 / November 27, 2014 / December 24, 2014 (open 09.00 – 12.00 hrs) / December 25 2014 / December 31, 2014 (open 09.00 – 12.00hrs)/ January 1, 2015

Baby/Child seats

Are available for rent at $42 per rental. All Class C vehicles are equipped with a minimum one anchor for three point child or baby seat attachment.


Mexico, unless an additional insurance is purchased; other terms apply - Death Valley from June 15 to September 1 -- Logging roads, non-public roads and off-road driving - City of New York - Greater metropolitan areas of Montreal and Quebec City (Canada)

Northern Travel supplement: All rental vehicles travelling to Alaska, the Northwest Territories or the Yukon are permitted and must be confirmed in advance. A USD 450.00 prepaid non-refundable supplement is required.


Moturis RV & Camping World is entitled to upgrade customers to a higher rated vehicle at no extra cost. Should a lower rated vehicle be offered, the responsibility of the rental company is limited to the refund of the difference in gross rates.

Minimum Rental

3 day minimum rental (exception: 7 days minimum rental period from July 7 to August 24, 2011).


Storing items on vehicle roof is not permitted. Free storage of luggage is available at all locations at owner's risk (not available for one way rentals).

Maintenance and Cleaning Responsibility

Customers are responsible to check all fluid levels at each refuelling. Refills of all fluids (except gasoline and propane) will be reimbursed at check-in upon presentation of receipts. Gasoline costs are not included in rental price. Gasoline tanks are full at pick-up and must be returned full. Vehicles must be returned clean inside. Otherwise, cleaning charges may occur.

Repairs / Refunds / Early Returns

Necessary repairs are refunded without previous authorization up to USD 50.00. Customer must provide receipts. If customers pay repairs exceeding USD 50.00 without previous authorization, we will not refund. Clients assume full responsibility for any additional expenses incurred by reasons of a breakdown of vehicle. If a vehicle which had a breakdown and is in repair for more than 12 working hours, through no fault of customer, our responsibility to client is limited to refund the daily rate or a portion thereof (VIP coverage). No refunds will be made for breakdowns in Death Valley (between June 15 and September 15), New York City, greater metropolitan area of Montreal and the city of Quebec (Canada). Radio, air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, any appliances, plumbing, generator and cruise are not considered breakdowns and no refunds are made for repair time to these items. There will be no refunds made for the early return of a rental vehicle.


In case of an accident, customers must notify the police for a police report immediately, also inform the drop-off station within 24 hours and make full report in writing. CDW/VIP accident coverage is void if customer fails to follow these procedures.

Credit Cards / Traveller Checks

Moturis RV & Camping World accept MASTER/Eurocard, VISA and AMEXCO credit cards as well as all Traveler Checks in US-Dollars. No Euro checks or debit cards are accepted. We are not responsible for exchange rate fluctuations or handling charges for any credit card transaction. Without any exception, a valid credit card is required for each rental.

Drivers License / Drivers Age

A national automobile driver’s license is required. We recommend customers to carry a translation of the national driver’s license or an international driver’s license, but under any circumstances, customer must provide a valid national driver’s license at pick-up. Minimum age is 21 years for all motorhomes.

Parking / Traffic Violations / Toll Roads

Customers are responsible for reporting and paying of all parking/traffic/toll road violations at rental termination. Non-reporting of parking/traffic/toll road violations will result in an administrative charge of up to USD 100.00. Non-reported parking/traffic violations plus administrative charge will be charged against customers credit card or will be collected at customers domicile.


Each motorhome has to be winterized to prevent freezing from November to April in Denver, Boston, New York and Seattle. This will include the water pipes, toilet, fresh water tanks, sinks, shower, external shower, hot water heater and holding tanks. Winterization requires that water be drained from the fresh water tank, hot water heater and both waste tanks. No water can be put into the fresh water tank and the vehicle cannot be hooked up to city water at a campground. It follows that NO WATER IS AVAILABLE WITHIN THE MOTORHOME. The toilet can, however, still be used providing windshield washer antifreeze is poured down to rinse. Pink RV antifreeze has been run through all the pipes and put into black and grey waste tanks. If the renter removes this antifreeze and puts water into the system, the tanks and pies will crack. In this event the renter will be responsible for the full cost of repairing these systems and any other damages caused to the vehicle by cracking pipes/tanks.


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